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Yes, Football is a physical sport. However, with ANY sport there is always risk of injury.  We are well aware of the physical injury risks that are often associated with Football, most notably head injuries and we take this VERY SERIOUSLY.  Awareness of such injuries are the #1 priority for Coaches.   Links for Coaches to get Heads Up Certified as well as CDC Concussion awareness certified are at bottom of this page.
Kid's at the youth level rarely possess, the speed or strength to inflict such an injury as you may see from athletes on your T.V on Saturday's/Sundays.  However, it can and sometimes does happen.  Our policy when it comes to such incidents is summed up in 6 words...."When in Doubt, Sit them out!".  
There is no sport or activity that is 100% safe or free from the risk of injury or concussions.  This can be evidenced by girls soccer having a similar risk for concussions as football according to some recent studies.  CLICK HERE FOR AN ARTICLE
Football is NOT a game of violence, but a game of TECHNIQUE.  Football is a much safer sport than it was just 20 years ago with advancements in equipment, rules, and techniques to make the game safer for all.  The following are all things being done to reduce risk and create a safe environment for your children, by our program and the NYFL as a whole. 
  • Our program implements "Heads up Football" focusing on technique and safety. We require that head coaches must be Head's Up Certified and have passed a concussion awareness certification via the CDC.  
  • Rules are changing every year and Referees are being instructed to remove excess physical contact from the game.  We instruct our players according to these new rule implementations.    
  • Equipment is more advanced than ever before, especially head gear, to protect players. We refurbish our helmets every 2 years in accordance to recommended specifications.  
  • Our program does not conduct "collission" style drills in practice.   Practice will include contact, and "live" football play, but we teach heads up fundamentals and technique during these sessions.   
  • We perform background checks on all coaches who work with the kids.  
  • We have a Code of Conduct that we follow (Viewable at the bottom of all web pages)  and the NYFL has their own policies that are strictly enforced.  
  • Awareness of potential injuries is our #1 priority!  "When in Doubt, Sit them Out!"


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